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Hello, it’s Ginny, the chair of R7. I’m back from WSBC, and wanted to share what happened in the business meetings.

It was a very productive week, and generally speaking, we got lots of work accomplished and ended together as a Region, at the banquet. Thank you for sending your Delegates!!

The FORUM on Wednesday was all about: GROWING OA UNITY WORLDWIDE. We’ve been told it was the best ever. We are talking to the BOT, and hope the chairs can request all of our table monitors, (the people who told their stories), to be willing to be recorded. We will see what happens, more to come.

We learned there were 186 voting members at conference. The country of South Africa attended for the fist time! Region Trustees, General Service Trustees, and Region Chairs were all introduced. We met the makers of the motions, and those nominated for both Region and General Service Trustees.

All bylaw amendments that were placed on the consent agenda were removed to be voted on individually. We were able to get through the first Proposal Item A-a, which was asking for a Conference Seal of Approval to the revised pamphlet Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight. The revised pamphlet was given a unanimous vote of approval.

Elections brought us Cindy from Region 4 as trustee, and Region 7 has a new Trustee, Karen B. Three General Service Trustees were elected: Lawrie C., Joanne M., Ron.

I’m so happy to report that the new Overeaters Anonymous Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions was given the Conference Seal of approval. The Twelve Concept of OA Service Pocket Guide was defeated.
Proposal Item A was adopted to update the Conference Policy Manual
Proposal Item B Failed. It wanted to add a Statement on Copyright and Ownership of Creative Work to the Policy Manual.
Proposal Item C also Failed. The body did not want the tenth tool of Mindfulness.
Proposal Item D, E and G were passed on the consent agenda, as housekeeping.
Proposal Item F was withdrawn by its maker.
Proposal Item H had much discussion, but Failed. It was agreed that asking the fellowship to read the Preamble, 12 Steps and 12 Traditions as well a mentioning the 7th at meetings was important and positive, it was felt it did not belong in Unity with Diversity.
Proposal Item I was withdrawn by its maker.
Proposal Item J was adopted, to add to submission forms for motions to WSBC, an explanation should be included of how this motion will help carry the message of recovery to those who still suffer.
Proposal Item K failed. This was asking for the Trustees to investigate and develop proposals for submissions to WSBC no later than WSBC 2019 that would encourage WSBC to conduct its business in accordance to Tradition 12. (to reach decisions by substantial unanimity)
Proposal Item L was adopted. This was for WSBC to establish a special fund to assist in translating OA literature, forms correspondence, website and other materials to languages other than English.
There was an amendment to Proposal M: Overeaters Anonymous will establish an ad-hoc committee to consider the implementation registration of a Spanish language service board SLSB. The Spanish speaking Fellowship will work with the BOT to establish how the SLSB will fit into the OA service structure. This passed.
Proposal Item N: creating a: Sponsorship Day was adopted

Bylaws Proposal Item 1 was adopted as
part of the Consent agenda.

Bylaws Proposal Item 2 removed, because there were 4 addendums and would not be going to Reference because the committee was no longer meeting.(it was late on Sunday morning).
Bylaws Proposal Item 3 Failed, it was requesting that the word “religious” be struck from the dissolution statement.
Bylaws Proposal Item 4 failed to change the qualifications for BOT members.

This was the last Proposal we were able to cover, as we ran out of time.

Yours in recovery and service,
R7 Chair
"Always to extend the hand and heart of OA to all who share my compulsion; for this, I am responsible."



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