2015 OA Poster Challenge

The 2015 OA Poster Challenge Is On!

OA Nova Intergroup carries the message through our public outreach programs — on the website, the telephone hotline and through our poster outreach program.

Our posters have been newly updated to include our website, QR codes and the Hotline phone number, we’re calling each of you into service. click on the link below to download a copy of the new OA Outreach poster of your choosing suitable for printing and then hang it in your community.

Posters (for download)

The new 2015 OA Eating Out of Control Poster

OA Pizza Poster

OA Fork Poster

OA Refrigerator Poster

OA Scale Poster

But we’re also going a step further. Each time you hang a poster, please let us know where it is. The library bulletin board in Arlington, you say? The Safeway on Lee Highway in Cherrydale? On one of the bulletin boards in the hallway off the church entrance where you have your Saturday meeting?

Let us know where you post by emailing the new location to .

Check this page frequently to see our progress!

The important thing is to get outside of ourselves through service by supporting each other, both in the rooms and out. Together, we CAN recover!

Let’s get busy!