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OA Region7 Contribution Page

Save a stamp! Save a tree! 

Send your 7th tradition contributions to Region 7 for FREE!

As of April 1st, 2016 the Region 7 Delaware PO Box is permanently closed.
Please help spread the word!

Meeting treasurers should now send 7th Tradition contributions to Region 7 electronically.  Click-Here-Button


Is the OA Literature in your meetings out of date?bin

Did you know it is illegal to display, sell or give away out-of-date OA literature?

If you find any, inform the group that you need to remove it.

You can determine if literature is outdated is by checking the World Service Office address that’s printed on the literature.

  • If it’s Torrance or Los Angeles, California, the literature is outdated!
  • OA World Service moved to Rio Rancho, New Mexico, in 1995, and all OA literature has been reprinted since then.

A list of all OA Literature Updates can be found here.  

Make sure you check at your next meeting!


Call Five to Keep ‘Em Alive

Call Five to Keep ‘Em Alive – 12th day of every month!

Please print the flyer on the link and distribute to your meetings.

Check your meeting’s “We Care” list every month and call five people you’ve not seen in a while and invite them back to the meeting.  Your reaching out may save someone’s life!