Five or six years ago, I was involved in OA service work within my region. To aid my interactions with the personalities I encountered, I read recovery literature on Tradition Two.

Over time, it slowly occurred to me that this Tradition was inviting me to have a relationship with a loving Higher Power. It came with the awareness that I was still carrying false core beliefs about a punishing, judgmental, demeaning God.

My new awareness from Tradition Two infiltrated my Step Two experience. I came to believe in the good, and my Higher Power restored in me the ability to see the good in every person, place, thing, and situation. If I was unable to see the good, it was not because of the absence of good, but simply a reflection of the limitations of my human thinking.

More recently, I once again dealt with a personality in service work. After many years of practicing spiritual Principles, my reaction was significantly less intense than before. Yet I was having a reaction.

One morning during prayer and meditation, I asked my Higher Power to allow me to see the ways this personality was acting lovingly. My loving Higher Power gently reminded me to see it all as love. What my Higher Power knew, and what was slowly dawning on me, was that I had set up a judgment: I was right and this person was wrong. This judgment was underlying my reactions toward this personality and, thus, our interactions. By seeing it all as love (every aspect of this person’s behavior and not just the parts that I thought were loving), I was able to re-frame the behavior in a new light, which allowed love to flow through. Love truly is the answer!

Thank you for allowing me to share. Love, peace, and blessings to all. Atiya M

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