First, a welcome to our new Intergroup board members. And, a thank you for the service of the outgoing board. The good news is that Intergroup continues with most positions filled.

Now a word about recovery. We learn in OA that recovery has three components: physical, emotional, and spiritual, the proverbial three legged stool. My stool has a short leg. It is the emotional leg. Sitting on a stool with one leg shorter than the other leaves me off balance at times. And when I am off balance, relapse is more likely. So, a key to my sustainable abstinence is to get all three legs of my recovery stool in balance.

But, how? Of course, working all twelve steps is key. I decided that it was also important for me to understand what recovery in each of those domains looked like. So, I recently defined “my” physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery. For me, physical recovery is eating according to my food plan. I strive to plan tomorrow’s food today, three meals, nothing in between and avoid trigger foods. Emotional recovery is when I am able to feel my feelings, sit with them, so to speak, without compulsively eating or acting out in other negative or unproductive ways. It is not letting my feelings translate into negative or hurtful actions or moodiness. And it is not becoming emotionally preoccupied and unavailable. Spiritual recovery for me is beginning each day with prayer and meditation. Asking Higher Power, what is his/her will for me today. It is also remembering to “talk” with Higher Power in times of crisis and whenever my physical or emotional recovery is wavering.

Love and compassion for self and others and humility are key ingredients in recovery. When I am knocked off balance emotionally, I am beginning to feel shame less often and act righteously less often. Instead, I seek Higher Power. I am a baby in all of this, but I continue on my recovery journey, one day at a time.

Happy Valentine’s Day — wishing you a month of recovery, self-love, and love for all in your communities. Cecilia W. (Co-Editor)