I’m Peggy; I’m an abstinent compulsive eater, interim chair of NoVA. I’m new to this area so I will briefly introduce myself.

I came into OA in 1985, got abstinent for a short time, lost it, and got abstinent again on Feb. 9th, 1986. I get more grateful every year! I had anorexia in the late 70’s and early 80’s; I lived on alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, and vitamin pills with very little food. I had to get sober & clean in 1984, started binge eating, became over-weight quickly, and felt ill. My pancreas was damaged; I don’t know whether it was the sugar or booze that did it. I started OA with the Grey Sheet food plan. When doctors gave me the medical diet for hypoglycemia I had to start using that as my food plan.

When I got abstinent, I was single - my career, friends, and bank account had shrunk to the point where I was scared half to death. I didn’t know if I would ever get a life again but I knew that food was going to kill me just as surely as alcohol/drugs would have. People in my OA meetings were so helpful, kind, generous, and supportive – I couldn’t have done it without them. I think of them often - I pass on to sponsees the same things they told me.

The last 32 years have been eventful. My career came back to life, I met and married my husband, gave birth to our daughter, lived in one house in Palos Verdes California for 21 years, moved to this area because my precious daughter graduated from college and began her career in Washington DC. She got married last October. I still have my husband and my sponsor, both of them for 30 years.

Working the steps from the AA big book cleared away the resentments and fears that I had been stuffing. Service keeps me abstinent and has been an adventure: I’ve been secretary of meetings, started meetings, accepted service positions at intergroup and world service, given workshops at both, produced banquet shows for OA conventions, and helped set up and clean up … it’s all good. I sponsor online and in person: - my precious sponsees keep me grateful – it’s wonderful to see the same steps and tools working for them like they did for me, for my sponsor, her sponsor, on back to Roseann.

I live in Fredericksburg, Virginia, an hour south of Washington DC. We have one meeting here and we just started a second one. I’m intergroup rep for both and I am delighted that I found a vibrant, healthy intergroup here in NoVA - we have a room full of people who are grateful to be of service and generous with their time and skills. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

Peggy (Interim Chair, NoVA Intergroup)