Dear Friends in Recovery,

As we begin a new year I am reminded of how January 1st always held the tantalizing promise of a new me. A better me. A thin me. As I ate and drank my way through the holidays of 1998, I did so for the first time without seeing that magical date as my salvation. You see that was when I finally gave up all hope for a better future. I abandoned myself to food (and alcohol) because I knew that I was utterly defeated. What I couldn't know then was that I had begun to take Step One. I finally knew I was powerless over food. In that terrible winter darkness I hit bottom.

And then in March of 1999 Step One was made complete when I was forced to acknowledge that my experiment with eating and drinking with abandon did not give me the relief I sought and I knew for certain that my life was unmanageable. I don't recommend this approach, but this is what it took to get me to make a phone call and get to my first OA meeting. I had the Gift Of Desperation. I was not happy to be in any of those OA meetings, I did not want to hear about a Higher Power and I did not get abstinent right away. But I kept coming back because I had run out of options, and in those meetings I kept hearing about the solution, even it I didn't really understand it.

Now in recovery for a succession of many 24 hours, there are no days that have special power for me--tomorrows or Mondays or New Years Days (when I was forever going to go back on my diet). I don't have to live like that anymore.  Today, with your help, I choose to live one day at a time to the best of my ability, and that is where the solution lives--in this day.

Happy New Year--may each new day in 2018 be filled with recovery, fellowship and service for all of us!

Remember, together we get better!

Jess W.  (Outgoing IG Chair)