As of the printing of this issue of NoVAtions no one has come forward to run for the four open positions on the Board: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary or Treasurer. We are hopeful that this will turn around in time for the elections at the Intergroup meeting on December 16th.

If you have the qualifications for a Board position, please consider running. Even if you are fearful about taking on such a role, your Higher Power and the fellowship will support you to give your best. Many of us had no experience with service beyond the meeting level. It is a sad day when the fellowship that has given us our lives cannot attract members to give a small amount of time each month to share the message of hope that we can recover.

Without a functioning Board here is a partial list of what's at stake:

  1. No coordinated outreach efforts to spread the message that OA exists and that there is solution for those who are struggling with food compulsion(s)
  2. No support for new meetings
  3. No support for struggling meetings
  4. No events to help members strengthen their recovery
  5. No Information line for people desperate for help
  6. No printed or electronic Where & Whens
  7. No website
  8. No 7th Tradition contributions which support our local meetings and members
  9. No meeting space at Hope Lutheran Church in Annandale
  10. No printed or electronic NoVAtions
  11. No information to/ from Region 7 or World Service
  12. No R7 or WSO Reps, thus no representation at R7 Assemblies or WSBC

Please consider the impact. It is only TOGETHER that we get better.

Qualifications include: working the twelve steps, traditions and concepts for a year; at least six months of continuous current abstinence; abstinence during tenure; and regular membership of an affiliated group. See Bylaws (Article IV, Sections 2 &3)for more complete description and Operations Manual (Board Officers, pages 8 & 9).