First things, first. I planned and prepared my food for the day, which I have done daily for the past 36 years in program. I will do what I did yesterday to stay abstinent today. This morning, I took my quiet time to read For Today and Voices of Recovery. I prayed and took time for a short meditation including breathing and relaxation. I responded via email to a sponsee who is answering the questions in the For Today Workbook. Another sponsee and I are writing and sharing as we go through the steps and traditions one month at a time. We are currently writing on Step One and the principle of honesty. “Only an honest admission to ourselves of the reality of our condition can save us from our destructive eating.” (Page 6, 12 & 12). We are also focusing on the words “control” and “controlled” that appear ten times throughout Step One.

Without the steps, traditions, tools, and fellowship my life would never be as happy, joyous, and serene as it is today. Thank you, Fellow Travelers. Thank you to all who do service at the individual, group, intergroup, region, and World Service levels.

Barbara T, Palm Beach County. "What have I done so far today for my recover." SOAR 8 (Southeast Overeaters Anonymous Region 8), Spring 2017, 2.