All OA NoVA Intergroup Board positions are open for election on December 16, 2017!

If you are interested in running for a position, please review the requirements and job descriptions below. Then send us an email by November 19th to  identifying your interest. Please include your contact information. Then join us on December 16th at Hope Lutheran Church in Annandale, VA.

Excerpted from the OA NoVA Intergroup Bylaws.

Qualifications for the Intergroup Board

  1. Six (6) months current abstinence prior to election, with the exception of the World Service Business Conference delegates and alternates (See Article IV, Sec. 6.E.), and continual maintenance of abstinence throughout the entire term of office.
  2. Working the Twelve Steps of the recovery program for one (1) year.
  3. Commitment to the Twelve Traditions.
  4. Regular attendee at Intergroup for a period of six (6) months and to be or have been an IR.
  5. Regularly attend an OA meeting in Northern Virginia.

Method of Election

  1. Elections shall be held annually at a meeting specified for that purpose.
  2. To be eligible for election to the Board, nominee must:
    1. Meet all qualifications as defined in Article IV, Sec. 3.
    2. Understand responsibilities of the position as defined in Article IV, Sec. 6.
  3. In order to be elected to membership on the Intergroup Board, a nominee must be willing to serve and must receive a majority vote of the members present and voting.

Term of Office

  1. Board members shall be elected to serve for a period of one (1) year, with the exception of the delegate(s), who shall be elected for a two year term. Terms shall be on a calendar year basis.
  2. Board members shall serve no more than two (2) consecutive terms in a specific position. Fulfillment of an unexpired term shall not be considered a term.
  3. After an interval of one (1) year, they may be again eligible for election.
  4. Upon election to the Board, members shall cease to be a representative of their group; and that group shall elect a new Intergroup Representative (IR).

Responsibilities of the Intergroup Board as outlined in the Procedures Manual


  1. Presides over monthly Intergroup meeting
  2. Creates the Intergroup meeting agenda with other Officers
  3. Creates IG OPs agenda with other Officers
  4. May affirm subcommittee chairs
  5. Delegates tasks as much as possible
  6. Responds to and distributes correspondence from World Service, R7, and other service bodies when
  7. Serves as main point of contact with the church and holds a key


  1. Fills in for the Chair, when necessary
  2. Works with Chair and Webmaster to keep the Calendar of Events up-to-date with correct info for all NOVAIG events, along with pertinent R7 or WSO event announcements
  3. May chair a Subcommittee
  4. Coordinates meeting list information (see Where & When info) for PDF and online database
  5. In the event the Chair position becomes vacant, the Vice Chair becomes the Chair until the next election.


  1. Takes minutes of the monthly Intergroup meeting
  2. Distributes minutes to officers and subcommittee chairs for comment prior to the next month’s meeting
  3. Makes corrections to minutes, as needed 
  4. Prints a small number of materials for meeting including final minutes from previous month’s meeting, current meeting agenda, and sign in sheet for meeting attendees, etc.
  5. Maintains NOVAIG attendance sheet, the list of meeting attendees including name, phone numbers, and email addresses 
  6. Informs World Service of any changes in Intergroup information
  7. Supervises updating of Procedures Manual
  8. Emails monthly e-package to all IG Reps prior to the monthly IG meeting


  1. Deposits donations into the NOVAIG checking account
  2. Provides input to NOVAIG Operations regarding annual budget
  3. Disperses funds in accordance with NOVAIG policy 
  4. Forwards list of meetings which contributed to NoVAtions editor
  5. Emails electronic version of Treasurer’s Report prior to monthly IG meeting
  6. Presents monthly reports to NOVAIG about IG financial condition
  7. Orders and monitors R7 Journal inventory
  8. Gets mail at P.O. box and holds the P.O. box key
  9. Reviews and reconciles bank statements
  10. Holds bank debit card
  11. Prints a small number of year-to-date/monthly reports for the NOVAIG monthly meeting
  12. May chair a subcommittee

World Service Delegate(s):

  1. Shall attend the World Service Business Conference of Overeaters Anonymous, and shall participate in activities sponsored by the Northern Virginia Intergroup. If a Delegate misses a World Service Business Conference, the position will be declared vacant and will be filled by the first alternate.
  2. In all areas, the Delegate shall meet qualifications and requirements as outline and defined in the Overeaters Anonymous, Inc., By-laws, subpart B.
  3. The normal term of office for the Delegate shall be two years.
  4. Shall have at least one (1) year current abstinence prior to election and continual maintenance of abstinence throughout the entire term of office.
  5. Shall have completed steps four and five.
  6. Shall have at least two years of service above the group level and have attended at least two region assemblies.
  7. Shall serve Overeaters Anonymous, the World Service Business Conference, and the OA groups in Northern Virginia.
  8. If during his/her term of office a persons drops from primary delegate status to first alternate status, he/she becomes an alternate and must stand for reelection.
  9. Shall report, either orally or in writing as designated by the Intergroup, the actions of the Conference to all groups the Intergroup represents; to keep the Intergroup and represented groups aware of WSO information; to communicate important information throughout the area.
  10. Shall accept reimbursement for expenses incurred in the performance of these and any other duties according to the guidelines for Delegate funding as set forth by the Intergroup.
  11. May attend all standing committee meetings.
  12. Shall attend all regular and special Intergroup meetings.
  13. A person who holds another Intergroup position, such as chair, vice-chair, or Region 7 representative is not excluded from serving as a World Service Delegate.

R7 Representative(s)/WSBC Delegate(s):

  1. Attends R7 business assemblies in spring and fall
  2. Attends WSBC which meets for five days in early to mid-May in New Mexico
  3. Provides written and oral reports to NOVAIG regarding R7 Assemblies and WSBC decisions
  4. Upon invitation, reports to local groups what happened at R7 Assemblies and WSBC meetings
  5. Attends at least six NOVAIG meetings per year


OA Nova Hotline - 703-823-NOVA (6682)OA NoVA Info Line:
703-823-NOVA (6682)